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Military Officers Banned From Donating to Conservatives and Tea Party...


Published On October 24, 2013 | By Frank Camp | CultureFeatured StoryNewsObamaPolitics
A shocking revelation regarding the military is coming from Fox News’ Todd Starnes of Fox . According to Starnes:
Soldiers attending a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood say they were told that evangelical Christians and members of the Tea Party were a threat to the nation and that any soldier donating to those groups would be subjected to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
This report is just further confirmation that there is a much larger event ongoing within the United States than anyone may have previously imagined. Liberalism has always been an encroachment philosophy. It takes what is: traditional social values, traditional working economic policies, and traditional belief systems, and slowly clips off bits and pieces. Liberalism is methodical and mechanical in its approach to eviscerating anything that remotely resembles Conservative America.
It’s extremely difficult to notice something when it moves so slowly. One moment, you’re standing on the beach, in the waves, and without warning, the sand that was below your feet supporting you is just gone. While your mind was focused on other things, the sand was indeed slipping slowly and smoothly from underneath your feet, but the process went unnoticed. It is only when you fall over that you see clearly what happened. The same goes for Liberal philosophy. It’s insidious.
Liberalism is anathema to Christianity. You may argue my point, but you would fail. I’m not speaking of the Liberalism of the old guard, the Liberalism that freed the slaves. I’m not speaking of Liberation, and the freedom of man. I’m speaking of modern, anti-Christian, anti-anything traditional, morally vacant “Progressivism.” Progressivism–the newer, more inspiring sounding name for the same old garbage–is exactly what its name implies: it is “progressive.” But the phrase manipulation employed by Liberals to make “progressive” appealing just masks something wretched.
To many people, “progressive” sounds virtuous; it was progressive to free the slaves, it was progressive to invent penicillin, and it was progressive to create a free and fair nation. That is the “progressive” that Liberals want us to see. However, the true nature of progressivism means a decisive trashing of anything and everything that once was, in favor of something new, regardless of its value. Abortion was illegal, so they made it legal. Progressive! The healthcare system needed an overhaul, so they changed it entirely, basing it on failed European models. Progressive! It doesn’t matter that in reality, they were legalizing mass-homicide, and taking an axe to our economy, it was new, shiny, and–you guessed it–progressive!
That being said, progressivism and Christianity are mutually exclusive. Progressivism cannot tolerate thresholds; if it were ever to stop, it would no longer be progressive. Christianity has thresholds which are not to be passed; Christianity has moral standards on which our society was built. So, once progressivism passed the threshold of Christian values–this happening over the course of the last several decades–Christianity became the enemy. Since history can’t abide two winners, progressivism began to fight for first place.
There was a time when Christians were executed by beheading, crucifixion, and numerous other means. Now, in 2013, there are countries in which Christians are actively persecuted and executed, such as Egypt and Iran. The United States has the distinction of being a nation predicated upon Judeo-Christian values. We are free to worship in ways we see fit.
What Obama, and the Left at large is doing is slowly but surely stripping away our national Christian identity. First, it becomes frowned upon to donate or endorse candidates with whom the progressive elders disagree, then it becomes illegal, punishable by fines and arrests, finally, it becomes punishable by prison and death. By identifying Christians and the Tea Party–and by extension, all Tea Party candidates–as extremists, they legitimize persecution under the guise of national security. With the media in their pocket, elite progressives will have no problem convincing Americans that Conservatives and Christians are dangerous. Over time, that belief will become the norm.
I’m reminded of the Piers Morgan episode on which Ben Shapiro was the featured guest. Piers scoffed at Shapiro’s contention that the second amendment acts as a protection against the tyranny of a potentially oppressive government. Shapiro then replied that it was that same attitude that led to the destruction of Germany. The belief that our government could not ever possibly degenerate into a Nazi Germany style dictatorship is severely misguided.
This ban of military donations to the Tea Party and other organizations which our government deems a threat is only a small part of an ongoing story. Once it becomes punishable in the military, it will only be a matter of years, maybe a decade, before it becomes punishable in the civilian world. And once that standard is set in place, the punishments will only ever become more severe.
Progressivism is the real danger. It will be the death of our nation.


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