Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Documenting Sodom: Iconic 9-11 photo deemed "ABUSIVE" by Facebook...

Gotta see this... Not surprise. But gotta see it...

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Facebook has repeatedly attacked Barracuda Brigade during our 4 plus years of existence over posts of documented news stories. Each time we “appealed” the action to Facebook. We pointed out to Facebook that a documented and sourced news story cannot be a violation of any policy.

On 9/5/13 America under President Obama’s orders, was on the brink of launching some type of military action in Syria against the Assad government. Without replaying the entire sequence of events, America in every credible and respected poll overwhelmingly was against doing this. Our nation’s primary reason for rejecting Obama’s decision to attack Syria was in most part based on the fact that we would be using America’s military to advance the military and ideological goals and standing of America’s sworn enemy Al-Qaeda, as stated in Federal  law. There was no question then or now that the “Syrian Rebels” are nothing but Al-Qaeda direct and their affiliated Islamic jihadist groups dressed up in a politically correct label.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada was directed by President Obama to call a “vote of authorization” in the Senate. To our utter disbelief and frankly disgust, the vote to advance Al-Qaeda’s goals using America’s military was scheduled for 9/11/13. The same date 12 years later of the Al-Qaeda attacks of 9/11/01 on America, which killed 2800 plus of our citizens. Also just 1 year from Al-Qaeda’s attack of 9/11/12 on our Ambassador and others in Benghazi. The same date which for each year after 9/11/01 memorial services are held in New York, Washington DC, Shanksville and all across America and the world for that matter. The vision of the grieving families as the names of their lost loved ones being called, while the Senate concurrently was voting to approve military operations on Al-Qaeda’s behalf was utterly sickening to all Americans. How any sitting POTUS could give such a directive to his Senate Majority Leader, it’s beyond any and all comprehension.

Barracuda Brigade posted this story and image on 9/5/13, for the record that was over 4 plus months ago. As history will record, the vote never happened. America wouldn't tolerate it. To our utter disbelief on 1/15/14 Facebook took adverse action against the page and it’s staff for this post. They cited a historically documented and sourced photo from 9/11/01 as “Inappropriate and Offensive.” The story itself was not the “trigger” for their action, the horrifically iconic image of that dreadful Tuesday is what they had and still have an issue with.

Joe Newby of filed a direct “appeal” to Facebook on 1/15/14. Today is 1/25/14 and still there is no response from Facebook. The adverse actions taken against Barracuda Brigade and her staff, are still in place. Facebook’s actions in this case are way beyond unacceptable, they're egregious and a total insult directly against the families who lost loved ones on 9/11/01; as well as all of America and the freedom loving world.

To Facebook Barracuda Brigade says this directly without any hesitation, what is wrong with you? You're a “Fortune 500” company trading openly on the stock market. Do your investors know that you view sourced and documented images from 9/11/01 as “Offensive and Inappropriate?” Is that the reason your policies do not state explicitly that any and all images of 9/11/01 are unacceptable and the trigger for adverse action?

How exactly do you plan on explaining this to the loved ones and friends of those lost on 9/11/01 who use Facebook?

If documented and sourced images from 9/11/01 are triggers for adverse action, then are images sourced and documented from D-Day, Pearl Harbor, Gettysburg or Bunker Hill also adverse action inducing and prohibited? How about Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom or Libya?

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