Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Debate Over Gay Marriage...

The debate over gay marriage started due to political factors. The Democratic party up until recently was not faring well against Republicans in national or state elections. They realized that they couldn't win based on the economy. Well unless voters favored higher taxes, more government spending which increases national debt, and bigger government. But they realized that the demographics were changing and the next generation of voters who grew up on MTV were less inclined towards organized religion and traditional family values. They realized that they could become relevant again through a transformational shift focusing on social issues that these new voters would embrace. Democrats realized that Republicans already had Christian conservatives firmly in their corner so they also wanted to vilify the people that voted against them while wooing these new voters. With the help of the media, they are able to keep these social issues at the forefront despite a crippling economy, bigger govt. control, and increasing national debt. What have you been hearing in the news lately? Chances are the political talk focuses on abortion rights, gay rights, gun control, illegal immigration, and climate change. These five social issues have helped them consolidate their base and gain younger voters without needing to address the economy. It is important to remember that conservatives are not the ones who are constantly bringing these issues up. It is the liberal progressives with the aid of the media that are using these as smokescreens so that current economic policies go unnoticed. 

So here is a breakdown of each:
1) Abortion rights. They are wooing single women of which there are many more than previous generations due to the decline of marriage and the rise of divorce. If you are against abortion you are against women and women's rights. In reality every person has female family members and conservatives probably treat women much better than liberals in private. Conservatives are against abortion because they believe in God's laws. I'm sure I don't have to quote Scripture for you to know that. But the conservatives I know don't judge. Hate the sin not the sinner.
2) Gay rights. This is what you were referring to and again, conservatives don't hate gays. There are gay conservative groups. Democrats would love to have voters vote based on one issue and therefore they hope that every LGBT person will vote for their candidates based on gay marriage. Conservatives have nothing against gays and many have gay friends. What is offensive is that Christians understand that marriage is a sacrament from God and the sanctity of marriage has always been defined in Scripture as between a man and a woman. Liberal progressives are trying to erode faith in Christianity while disguising this as equality for all. If equality were truly the goal, why not just have civil unions that gave gay couples the same benefits as married couples without reducing the sacredness of marriage? After all that is what Democrats such as Barack Obama wanted before the party establishment told him that wasn't enough to appease the Democratic base.
3) Gun control. Liberals realize that gun control legislation actually causes more crime than it reduces. All this does is take guns away from law-abiding citizens who want to protect themselves and gives gangs and thugs permission to attack anyone at will. All the evidence you need is to look at the major cities of New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Chicago and look at how much crime takes place despite the most severe gun laws in the whole country. Any city with relaxed gun laws have nowhere near as much crime per capita. But gun control sounds good as a way of reducing crime and with the help of the media that's the message they spread and urban voters believe it so Democrats can consolidate their hold on most of the major urban areas.
4) Illegal immigration. Military members, veterans, and members of veteran organizations overwhelmingly vote Republican. I think it's safe to say they care about the country more than most considering they put their lives on the line for their country. Liberal progressives care about their party and furthering their agenda. That sometimes means that the end justifies the means. If winning elections means breaking the rules, so be it. They realized that they could get the Hispanic and Asian votes by sympathizing with illegal immigrants and that was good enough for them. Again conservatives are not against illegal immigrants as people, just illegal immigration as an action. Some of the most vocal critics of illegal immigration are first and second-generation immigrants because they came to this country to have a better life and they realize that illegal immigration actually hurts the country. If illegal immigration helped the economy why haven't we been advocating for it for decades and why is the labor participation rate at its lowest point since 1978? It actually encourages breaking laws and puts even more financial strain on hard-working American taxpayers.
5) Climate change. Liberals would like voters to believe that conservatives hate nature. Christians realize that God created the Earth so I would argue that they believe in conservation even more than the most ardent hippies. But if we can create jobs and be energy dependent by being able to drill for our own natural resources in an environmentally friendly way rather than make Middle Eastern countries rich, why would we not want to to do that? Democrats will mention any weather occurrence as proof of climate change. Conservatives want a clean environment as much as Democrats but they also realize that other countries need to be on board. As long as countries like Russia and China are allowed to pollute as much as they want, then all the light bulbs that we change or the money we throw into failing solar energy companies won't make a dent into helping the environment.

So now you know, and knowing is half the battle! Pass it on!

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