Friday, November 1, 2013

Germany working on a different internet to protect citizens from Spying...

NSA spying is leading to the nationalization of the Internet

October 28, 2013

Deutsch Telecom, the biggest German telecom operator and Internet provider, is currently working on a “German Internet.” The company, which works closely with the German government, is working to create a buffered online zone for German citizens that protects them from spying by the NSA on the current Internet. One option being considered is for all German telecom operators to ensure that German Internet traffic is routed in such a way that it avoids all American servers. The move would slow down access speeds for German citizens but would still be functional. While there would be no protection for citizens that visited services hosted on servers outside of Germany such as Facebook and Google, it shows just how upset some nations are over the continuing revelations of NSA spying.

I think that all of this is going to lead for yet another renewed call for the Internet to be placed under the control of the United Nations. Germany is not the only country looking at the “balkanization” of the Internet. The free flow of information across the Internet has revolutionized the world. As nations peel off their own portions of control on the web, that free flow will be slowed or otherwise hindered. The “solution”, of course, will be to restore the openness of the Internet, just under the control of the United Nations. United Nations control, I’m sure, will be an Orwellian nightmare of political correctness regulations as the progressives of the world will have the perfect outlet to mold perception of reality and will have finally ended any freedom of speech outside their own.

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