Thursday, December 12, 2013

DHS Advisor Exposed....

Obama’s DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Flashes The R4BIA Muslim Brotherhood Salute.   Mohamed Elibiary @MohamedElibiary tweets:  Some Israelis feeling upset w/ my  twibon. Relax, it has nothing 2do w/ y’all & this acct personal only not USG
By Janna Brock
The R4BIA four finger salute has deep meaning in the Muslim Brotherhood. And it is making its way into the Department of Homeland Security. Mohamed Elibiary, one of the most controversial members of the Homeland Security Advisory Panel, just plastered the symbol on his public Twitter profile. This is serious, and deeply disturbing. The symbol has deep meaning in the Muslim Brotherhood, and greater Islam. It is the symbol of Islamic world domination. And the crushing of western democracy. The Islamic infiltration of all levels of American government is coming to fruition.
They’re here, and they aren’t going anywhere. Mohamed Elibiary, one of the 28 members of the Homeland Security Advisory Panel, is using the blatantly militant Islamic R4BIA symbol on his Twitter profile. Is this a public declaration? To display this symbol on a highly visible social media profile is daring and risky. It is boldly proclaming to the world where you stand, where your allegiance lies. Elibiary is making the outrageous and audacious statement that he is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, jihad, and yet also is employed by the DHS. Contradictory much?

This is 2013 America, where the Muslim infiltration is almost complete. We’ve been overtaken from the inside out. And this is proof. Elibiary doesn’t have to hide his affiliation. And the R4BIA symbol is more than just a “solidarity” statement with the Muslim Brotherhood. It is the symbol for the complete Islamic takeover of the world.
One website reportedly set up by Turkish Muslim activists describes the essence of the R4BIA icon as symbolizing more than the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s described as a “symbol of freedom” but also promotes the “return of Muslims to world stage.” It supports “justice for everyone against rotten Western values,” “a pure martyrdom,” “unification of Islamic World,” “the end of capitalists,” and “the end of Zionists.”
Elibiary steadfastly denies that the R4BIA symbol stands for anything but “Freedom4All.” But the symbol is popular with Turkish Islamistst who reportedly said that they wanted to die as “martyrs.” This blatantly radical Islamic symbol is an affront to America, a reminder of who are enemy is. The enemy is Islam. And the enemy sits in the highest offices in the land, as a part of our highest security personnel. We are being led to the slaughter by the very ones vowed to protect us.
And as a government shutdown looms, the handwriting is already on the wall. We have already been shut down internally by the enemy. Elibiary is a fraud. And less than two years ago, he was accused of leaking confidential documents from the Texas Department of Public Safety to show the “Islamophobia” that existed in the Texas state government under Governor Rick Perry.
He is the enemy. We were fighting his kind in Afghanistan and Iraq before we joined up with them in Egypt and in Syria under the Obama Administration. So corrupt is this government we can’t see who the enemy is anymore. The truth about Islam has been deliberately silenced. And worse, brought in, and given the highest positions in the United States government.
And what about Israel? Our closest ally in the Middle East is being ensnared by American jihadists masquerading as government officials. The goal is the annihilation of Israel plain and simple. Elibiary is but one who is boldly proclaiming this intent. He has this to say to those who question this anti-Israeli rhetoric via the R4BIA symbol.
Liar. This is exactly what the symbol stands for. If anyone doubts the true intention of Elibiary and others like him, it’s clearly outlined.
R4BIA is a symbol of freedom
R4BIA is the birth of a new movement for freedom and justice
R4BIA is the birth of a new world
R4BIA is the return of Muslims to world stage
R4BIA means justice, freedom and conscience
R4BIA is the place where the so-called values of the West collapsed
R4BIA means the Egyptian heroes who became free by dying
R4BIA is Egypt, Syria, Palestine and the whole geography of Islam
R4BIA is the end of Zionists
R4BIA is the end of immoral press
R4BIA is the place for hope, without violence against coup
R4BIA is a bloody square, that all Muslims must care
R4BIA is Muslims voice, which is not SİSİ’s choice
R4BIA is true brotherhood, not like democracy of Hollywood
R4BIA is the arena of martyrdom
R4BIA is the mother of martyrs
R4BIA is a smiling martyrdom
This is but an abbreviated list. Any questions on where this Administration is headed and to whom Mohamed Elibiary is aligned? Straight to Islam, and to death for Israel.
Then tried to tell us we should believe the liar-in-chief Barack Obama when he says America was not a Christian nation:
Perhaps he never read the Mayflower Compact, which I referenced in an earlier article where I named Elibiary as a Muslim Brotherhood operative in the Obama administration, or early Christians of America, including their leaders. Maybe he missed Supreme Court Justice David Brewer’s comments about America as a Christian nation:
“[I]n what sense can [America] be called a Christian nation? Not in the sense that Christianity is the established religion or that the people are in any manner compelled to support it. On the contrary, the Constitution specifically provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Neither is it Christian in the sense that all its citizens are either in fact or name Christians. On the contrary, all religions have free scope within our borders. Numbers of our people profess other religions, and many reject all. Nor is it Christian in the sense that a profession of Christianity is a condition of holding office or otherwise engaging in public service, or essential to recognition either politically or socially. In fact, the government as a legal organization is independent of all religions. Nevertheless, we constantly speak of this republic as a Christian nation – in fact, as the leading Christian nation of the world.”
According to Justice Brewer, America was “of all the nations in the world . . . most justly called a Christian nation” because Christianity “has so largely shaped and molded it.”
Constitutional law professor Edward Mansfield (1801-1880) similarly acknowledged:
In every country, the morals of a people – whatever they may be – take their form and spirit from their religion. For example, the marriage of brothers and sisters was permitted among the Egyptians because such had been the precedent set by their gods, Isis and Osiris. So, too, the classic nations celebrated the drunken rites of Bacchus. Thus, too, the Turk has become lazy and inert because dependent upon Fate, as taught by the Koran. And when in recent times there arose a nation [i.e., France] whose philosophers [e.g. Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Helvetius, etc.] discovered there was no God and no religion, the nation was thrown into that dismal case in which there was no law and no morals. . . . In the United States, Christianity is the original, spontaneous, and national religion.
Founding Father and U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall agreed:
[W]ith us, Christianity and religion are identified. It would be strange, indeed, if with such a people our institutions did not presuppose Christianity and did not often refer to it and exhibit relations with it.

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