Sunday, July 28, 2013

God's Earth...

Picturess of the Earth's Beauty and Haunting Wonder where you can almost touch the Face of God...

Mountains of Norway.

Strokkur fountain geyser just before the eruption, Iceland. It erupts every 4 - 8 minutes! What an awesome capture!

Slovenia. The water is so clear it looks like the boat is floating in the air

The Hidden Legend. Madakaripura, East Java, Indonesia

Calos Des Moro Beach, Spain.

Amazing Fruit Art. Believe It Or Not This Cute Owl Is Made Of Strawberry's.
This one for MissK. :)

Two different animals coming together and showing some love to one another.
DT loves this stuff. ;-)


MissK said...

Very cute James, the owl :-) Funny, I made a double take when I scrolled over it, before I realized you put my name under. I like the boat too.. snatching that one ;-)

Anonymous said...

I sure do James :) Thanks!13