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History Re-Written...

High School Text Book Literally Re-writes History

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History was my least favorite subject in school. I thought it was boring. I can’t understand or justify my stupidity, in hindsight, but I just remember being overwhelmed by dates and battles and failing to see the incredible way that history tends to repeat itself.
This week, a group of Floridian parents are flipping out at the contents of their teenagers’ Prentice Hall World History text books. The accusations they are raising are not some silly, baseless hysterical claims. They are completely legit and completely horrifying.
Before I tell you what is happening, I want to clarify that the reason this story horrifies me is not because of the bias that the book shows, but because of the way it has rewritten history and left out parts of the past.
If you look inside this book, being taught in high schools all over the country, you’ll notice several alarming things, as pointed out by Mr. Todd Starns on this news program.
    - There are 36 pages dedicated to the religion of Islam, while there are NO chapters dedicated to Christianity or Judaism.
    - In reference to Mohammed and his armies taking over Medina States, the book says, “…people happily accepted Islam as their way of life.”
    -The book indicates that Jesus “proclaimed” Himself to be the Messiah, yet stated as fact that Mohammed was a prophet.
    -In the book, Christian battles are called “Massacres” while Muslim battles are called “takeovers.”
Last I checked, Americans were free to choose their faith, but our country was undeniably founded on Judeo-Christian values. Whether you subscribe to Christianity or not, you can’t deny that its a rich part of our history. Look at our money! Having a 36-page chapter dedicated to Islam and only mentioning our nations core, founding values in an inaccurate, skewed way is a disgrace.
This particular book being investigated has been taught to high school students for three years already. It’s very scary to think that you can send your kids off to school, obliviously, while they are being taught absolute lies.

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