Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Christians Murdered All Over Egypt, New Puppy In White House...

Christian Adams
It’s Sunny at the White House! But not in Egypt, if you are a Christian or a Franciscan nun. All over the country, Christian churches are being burned, Christians murdered, and nuns paraded in the streets as “prisoners of war.”
The “war”: this can only mean a war of Islam vs. Christianity, right? What other “war” could they be prisoners of? (Their words, not mine.) The Muslim Brotherhood and their thug adherents are conducting a war of genocide against Christians, trying to erase the Copts – one of the oldest Christian groups in the world – from the land.
Once upon a time in America, the American president would have stood before the world, over and over again, and provided a moral counterweight to this evil. The great figures of the 20th century became great by denouncing evil and condemning genocidal and religious persecution: Reagan, Churchill, Wojtyla.
But Obama is no Wojtyla. He has remained nearly silent on the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloody war on Egypt’s Christians.  The martyrs pile up; he plays golf.
The thugs rampaging through Egyptian churches, you see, are Obama’s thugs. He destabilized Egypt by giving the green light to Hosni Mubarak’s fall. After all, Mubarak was an American stooge, a puppet, a toy of imperial America and all that left-wing drool Obama has subscribed to since he was writing articles in college denouncing the deployment of Pershing missiles in Europe. Now his thugs rampage through holy places, destroying.
This is nothing new. Evil comes in many forms across the centuries, but they always are obsessed with destroying Christian churches. Whether the mob followed Lenin, Calles, or Robespierre, the results were always the same: desecration and murder. We are witnessing the 2013 version.
That an American president has remained almost silent only adds to the disgrace. Perhaps that first domino Obama sent tumbling keeps him quiet.
Yet there is plenty of time to promote a new puppy at the White House! A high-gloss, taxpayer-funded video features the arrival of Sunny (watch here).
Priorities, I suppose. The low-information crowd will see images of the new puppy in People, but not the nuns paraded down the street. The vapid afternoon television talk shows will run the White House video, but not video of mobs destroying churches.
The damaged interior of the Saint Moussa Church is seen a day after it was torched in Minya, south of Cairo,
The damaged interior of the Saint Moussa Church is seen a day after it was torched in Minya.
The White House knows what it is doing. Shame is in short supply. Keep the low-information crowd fed with bread and puppies while evil flourishes. Any change in programing from puppies to religiously motivated murder will upset the White House narrative, and provide the terrifying images of White House appeasement.
Nor should some Republicans find quarter here. The crisis in Egypt simultaneously demonstrates both the failure of Obamaas well as Bush policies in the Middle East. The grand experiment of the previous decade has failed. Democracy simply does not work in some parts of the world. Without an associated civil society that respects individual dignity and religious liberties, democracy can be a tool to vest a mob with power.
Contrary to the president’s world view, sometimes stooges and puppets America has bought and paid for are better than murder and mayhem.
J. Christian Adams is an election lawyer who served in the Voting Rights Section at the U.S. Department of Justice. His New York Timesbestselling book is Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department (Regnery).  His website iswww.electionlawcenter.com. Follow him on Twitter @electionlawctr.

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