Sunday, December 28, 2014

We Don't Have a Cop Problem, We Have A Liberal Democrat Problem...


Dan said...

Oh yes.....we have a cop problem in America.

The insanity of qualified immunity where no matter how heinous the conduct the taxpayer covers the cost and the cop is absolved of personal responsibility.

The insanity of "civil asset forfeiture" which REWARDS thieves with badges for STEALING OUR MONEY.

The utter criminality of the "go home at the end of your shift NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO" mentality that tells badgemonkeys that their lives are worthwhile but the lives of citizens are disposable.

The evil practice of harassing, ostracizing and abusing ANY officer that has the temerity to
suggest that others officers be held accountable for their conduct.

OH YES.....we have a HUGE cop problem in America.

James Butler said...

Mr. Dan, you seem to forget that those actions seems to be the natrue of Government of all sorts and its agencies, from the DMV to OSHA, EPA to Education department.

At least the Police agencies are out there to protect you and in most cases put their lives in the middle...

Here, read this if you have any doubt about what the Imperial Government agencies do to people, and how inept they are...
Oh and your hate for the police ooozes out of your every words...

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